Internet TV Commencing Launch

Apple TV / Google TV  are throwing down the challenge to all Cable providers.  The goal is to ditch your cable boxes, and Blu-ray and instead view live streams direct from the internet directly through TV monitors. This will have a significant impact on the cable television as we know it. It’s only a matter of time television will be an old dusty device that our children’s grand-parents still view due in part Web mania is still a fad. Right:)

You might be asking for self what is the difference between Cable Television and  Live Internet Stream. Apple TV or Google TV allow users to transition from streaming on-line videos and accessing email, search engines, and social media. Giving the users access to both cable television and internet platforms.   My predictions are the next couple of business life cycles home buyers will not be making the call to local cable providers but rather installing Internet streaming to their  large mentors formally televisions. 

Stay Tuned…….

Timothy C O’Reilly

@timothycoreilly or



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